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The Sustainable Turnaround - Fix, Reset And Accelerate Your Business in 12 Months.

This book is an Amazon Best Seller nominated for the Business Book Award 2022 and available across 5 continents and 25 countries.

Within its pages, discover trends spanning 2020 to 2030 that you should leverage as a leader to guide your business through all pervasive change (economic recession, digital and green transition, industry resets). This guide propels your transition and scaling from surviving to thriving in 12 months, based on real-world experience. A concise compass for leaders to maintain focus and equilibrium, steering through crises toward a brighter future.

Driving Digital Transformation and innovation

Innovation From Within will empower you to master innovation, tap into your organization’s hidden potential, and take a leading role in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Learn how to:

  • Navigate digital challenges with precision and authority
  • Unlock organizational talent and foster innovation from within
  • Innovate fearlessly, embrace change, and drive transformative ideas with confidence<>
  • Break down barriers that hinder execution for seamless implementation of digital strategies
  • Position yourself at the cutting edge of the digital age and make a substantial impact within your organization and beyond.


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* The is the digital diagnosis referred to in the book The Sustainable Turnaround.


EU-Small & Medium Enterprise Transition Magazine

Dedicated to EU-SME transition this ongoing series of “Multimedia interactive Magazine will cover different topics as

  • The why and how of the EU SME transition (Exit & Re-start, Transformation and Scale-up)
  • The Entrepreneur (Leadership, Resilience and Health)
  • International Trends and Developments
  • Innovation
  • Technology (AI and Advanced Digitization)
  • Managing the Going Concern
  • Financing Growth
  • Grants
  • Gifts/ Offers from Entrepreneurs to Entrepreneurs
  • Relevant Events for EU-SME Transition


Listen to our podcast to gain insights into:

(1) The latest economic shifts, industry trends, and technological advancements.
(2) Overcoming challenges, embracing transitions, and achieving growth.
(3) Mindset, leadership development, and developing Transformation Hero-Armies.

For the readers of the Sustainable Turnaround:
You can find the following meditations mentioned in the book on our podcast: (1) The active Silva Ultra Mind meditation and (2) The Latifa (life purpose) meditation. Access them through the button below.