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Answer Inside is Dedicated to Empowering Mission-Led Leaders for Impactful Growth in a Changing World

Hey, I’m Madiha Mouchtak, founder and Managing Director of Answer Inside; a Business Mentor, Accelerator and Trusted Advisor. I am also an Advisory Board Member at the Global Artificial Intelligence Forum and a Clinical Rapid Transformational Therapist. Over the past 24 years, I've successfully supported over 100 Founders, CEO’s and business leaders to tackle their business turnarounds, transitions and scale-ups; I've worked with a diverse range of entities from corporates, to hedge funds, family offices, NGO’s and public institutions.

Catering to the diverse needs of owners and leaders by adopting one of the 3 strategic models:"Doing it for them" by taking charge on an interim basis; "Doing it with them" by working alongside them as a (Personal and Business) Mentor; or simply coaching and guiding them through the process. This personalized approach ensures optimal assistance based on each leader’s business needs and circumstances. Through these diverse modes of engagement, I have consistently supported the creation of more resilient leaders and fostered the development of financially healthier, future-proof, and steadily growing mission-driven businesses.

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Madiha Mouchtak MBA

SME Business Accelerator (Transition, Scale-Up, Metaverse), Faculty Member, Board Advisor, Rapid Transformational Therapist


Tjeerd Hunnekens

Transformation Management, Advanced Digitization, Coach, Innovation Management, Board Advisor

Michaella Brown 1

Michaella Brown

Connector, Marketing/ Communication and Positioning specialist for heart-centered Changemakers


Ganesh Makam

Sales Funnel Expert and Digital Marketer

Mohamed Elaadi

Mohamed Elaadi

International Business Development, Revenue and Profit Generation, Board Advisor

Rodney Schaap

Rodney Schaap

Innovation management, Business and Digital Transformation, Lean Six Sigma black belt


Claudia Schwinghammer

Sales Coach & Trainer, Rapid Transformational Coach & Therapist


Martin Geerars

Set up and Improvement of Finance Function, High Performance Coach, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


Maurits Lagerweij

Marketer, Certified Story Brand Guide, All-round Graphical Designer


Purna Bishas

UX Designer, Academy Tech, VR/AR Deployment


Rubianca Han Simmelsgaard

Personal trainer, Nutrition Coach, Resilience Coach


Varsham Bajnath

Finance Management & Finance Transformation


Joan Tjon En Fa

Lead Health Coach and Chinese doctor, Practitioner/Acupuncturist


Elena van de Wall

Financial Admin. Set up Finance Operations, Outsourcing

Aksshit wadhwa

Aksshit Wadhwa

Offshore partner Answer Inside: Digital Marketing and Web development


Devlin Teekman

ICT Rollout and Support, Tech Trouble Shooting, Outsourcing


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Sachin Parekh

Director London School of DIGITAL BUSINESS, Ambassador Answer Inside Transition & Scale-Up, UK

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Vigil Kanethara

CEO VCL, Ambassador Answer Inside Transition & Scale-Up India

How to Win in your Changing Market

How to do Business with us

Step 1

Select the right service and pricing option from our range of offerings.

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Step 2

Book a discovery call with us using the link provided below.

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Step 3

Let’s get you the the personalized support and mentoring you need to grow your business.

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Step 4

Future Proof your Business and Move it towards Sustainable Profitability and Growth Fast… and Hassle Free

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Benefits from working with us

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