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Answer Inside

Business Coaching for growth during times of all Pervasive-change and Crisis.

We are Answer Inside

We offer Business Coaching to Owners and Leaders of Medium Sized businesses in Europe during times of all pervasive change and Crisis.

We help them Fix, Reset and Accelerate their businesses in 12 months.
Our Goal

We want to help 1000+ (Independent) Medium Sized businesses survive and thrive post the pandemic through affordable Business Coaching. For the leaders of these businesses we offer:
  • A (Free) Business Health and Growth Diagnosis
  • A Free Copy of our Book* The Sustainable Turnaround Fix, Reset and Accelerate Your business to thrive in 12 months (coming out in April)
  • Grow your business Exclusive 4 hour Workshop
  • Grow your business- Light Mentoring Program
  • Grow your business- Advanced Mentoring Program
  • Grow your business- In Company Intensive Mentoring Program
* The first 1000 Medium Sized businesses that engage with us through our diagnosis will get a copy of our book for free.

Our Mission

We want to make Company Improvement Sustainable, by building (future) inclusive and resilient leaders, who make a difference in the life of others and a difference in the world, facilitating thereby decent work & economic growth in Europe (2 U.N. Sustainable Global Goals).