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Answer Inside

Business Accelerators for Transition and Scale-up. 

We are Answer Inside

We offer Executive and Business Coaching to Owners and Leaders of Small and Medium Sized businesses during times of all pervasive change and Crisis.

We help them Fix, Reset and Accelerate their businesses in 12 months.
Our Goal

We want to help 1000+ (Independent) Small and Medium Sized businesses survive and thrive post the pandemic through affordable Executive and Business Coaching. For the leaders of these businesses we offer:
  • A (Free) Business Growth Scan
  • A Free Copy of our Book* The Sustainable Turnaround Fix, Reset and Accelerate Your business to thrive in 12 months (Amazon Best Seller, selling in 24 countries and 5 continents)
  • A FREE Growth Multiplyer 90min Masterclass
  • A 3 hours Deep-Dive Strategy (Group) Session at 150euro
  • A 12 months Transition Accelerator- To Pivot and Transit Post-Pandemic
  • A 12 months scale up Accelerator - To Rapidly, Massively and Sustainably Scale
  • A 12 months Management Team (Inhouse) Accelerator - To Empower Your Leadership Team To Transition, Pivot Or Scale-up Massively

Our Mission

We want to make Company Improvement Sustainable, by building (future) inclusive and resilient leaders, who make a difference in the life of others and a difference in the world, facilitating thereby decent work & economic growth in Europe (2 U.N. Sustainable Global Goals).