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Cookie Policy

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Our website uses various types of cookies. It is important to us that you have control over your online privacy, so here is a clear explanation of the types of cookies we use and what we use these for.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit a website. These cookies store information about your visit to the site. Some of these cookies collect personal data about you. By using cookies, a website can recognise you when you visit the site again, which can be useful, for example, if you do not want to log in again every time you visit the website.

For which sites are you giving permission?

The cookie settings currently apply to the domain Answerinside.eu, though other domains may also be added at a later time. By giving permission for the placement of cookies from this domain, you automatically give permission for the placement of cookies from the other domains and for combining the data across these domains. If you do not want this, you can manage your cookie settings on any of these domains and we will ensure that this is adjusted in all domains.

What types of cookies are there?

We distinguish between functional and non-functional cookies. We always set functional cookies. These are necessary for the website to work properly, ensuring you can stay logged in to the site if you so wish, for example.

Non-functional cookies are not actually necessary for the proper functioning of the website. They do let us know, however, which parts of the website are popular and which parts can be improved. We only set a few non-functional cookies where you have given your consent for us to do so. These cookies have varying purposes but all enable us to enhance our service.

Why do we use functional cookies?

Functional cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. These cookies are placed as standard and are not deleted even if you do not accept cookies. Functional cookies ensure that you can stay logged in during your visit to the website.

What are analytical cookies used for?

Analytical cookies gather statistics that enable the site owner to see how visitors use the site. This information is used to help improve the website. These cookies can be further divided into cookies to measure visits, cookies to conduct research, and cookies to test website improvements.

Changes to this cookie policy

We may make additions or changes to this cookie policy to reflect the further development of our website. We therefore recommend that you read this cookie policy again from time to time.