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Madiha coached me at a time when I felt stuck and uninspired. I felt my growth had stagnated and I was seeking some purpose and meaning in my life. We had about 5 sessions face to face and a few touch points by phone. Each coaching session took place in a different setting. Madiha prepared and planned diligently the purpose of each session and asked me questions with a clear intent to meet me where I was, though she was always a step ahead, each time inching me higher.Madiha gave me clear exercises and tasks to practice at home. Each exercise had a clear purpose and a goal attached to its achievement. Madiha has a holistic approach, we worked on spiritual, mental, physical and emotional growth. Reaching both my conscious and subconscious, she helped me walk strong in my beliefs and honour my fear and doubts so I could conquer them. Shortly after our sessions I found a great job, with a fantastic team. I loved the journey I went on and I have since found my voice and my truth and dedicate a lot of my time to it. I am also coaching others and helping them see their worth. I’m paying forward the gift Madiha gave me.
I would recommend Madiha to anyone who wants to re-ignite their inner passion and unleash their inner genie.

Rishita Jones

HR Leader


I met Madiha in 2018 through the Matchpoint Foundation, where I was responsible for “ coordinating matches and managing projects and initiatives” until the end of 2019. We worked intensively with Vesting Finance in the context of Committed Entrepreneurship. At that time Madiha was leading Vesting Finance. Vesting Finance was a member of the Matchpoint network and more than 200 of its employees volunteered to support the vulnerable inhabitants of Amersfoort.
Together with a colleague, we started a new Foundation (to replace Matchpoint) early 2020 "Samen voor Amersfoort" with the same principles. Madiha has been coaching us from the beginning of this initiative. She supported us in writing our business plan, budget and governance structure. Partly due to her incredible positivism, we managed to establish our new foundation on March 2020.
At various levels she has also taken us further in development and brought out our qualities. We have become the board members of the foundation.
If I encounter any problems in any way in the future, I will contact her immediately.
With her creativity, her large network and the "extra" dimension that she adds to her work by using Rapid Transformational Coaching (RTT), she brings people further at various levels.
I would recommend everyone to have a chat with her.

Adith van Vuuren

Board member Foundation Samen voor Amersfoort


Madiha is an inspirational, creative and positive coach. During our session she brought me to the core of my question about the next step on my professional path. In a warm, safe and inviting environment she easily guided me and brought me to the next level on my path in seeking answers. Madiha is a warm, trustworthy, professional and capable woman and she literally opens your potential. I would therefore highly recommend her as a coach. She will guide and protect you during your journey and she will celebrate your achieved goals with you.

Bianca B

Executive (Talent)


Madiha helped me make clear what the blockages are in my personal and business life.
She makes me look at myself in a honest and compassionate way to dig deeper so i am able to get the most out of myself and my possibilities.
I admire her so much as she herself embodies these qualities, she is such a smart and inspiring woman! Madiha is an empath making you feel welcome, nurtured and understood.
After a coaching session I always leave in high spirit.

S. van Waveren