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Holistic Team and Talented Experts

We Support The Global Development Goals
Decent work & economic growth (Head) & Quality education (Heart)

Our Mission
We want to make Company Improvement Sustainable, by building (future) inclusive and resilient leaders, who make a difference in the life of others and a difference in the world, facilitating thereby decent work & economic growth.

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Madiha Mouchtak MBA.
Founder and Managing director at Answer Inside.

We offer Executive Coaching to Owners and Business Leaders in Europe, during times of Crisis and all pervasive change.
We help them Fix, Reset and Accelerate their businesses in 12 months.

I have been working for over 22 years in business transformation and the rescue of failing companies, turning around businesses from losses to double digit profit and growth, in 2 years.
-Ex-Strategy Consultant
-Turnaround CEO
-Rapid Transformational Therapist and
-Advisory Board Member of the Global Artificial Intelligence Forum

Since the Pandemic hit, I shifted my focus towards where help is needed most; the Medium Enterprise; they are the engine of the economy; employing more than 50% of the country population.
Our dream with Answer Inside is to help these companies survive and thrive in these difficult times, by making Business Rescue and Transformation skills accessible for them, at an affordable price (through the use of digitization, AI and Robotics) .

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Dunia Reverter.
Turnaround Executive and Investor (Associate with Answer Inside)

I have always been passionate about revolutionizing the way organisations operate. Moving them towards more empowering, sustainable, resilient and agile social structures. Organisations that care as much about people & planet, as they care about thriving and making profit.

I have more than 25 years of international experience as Managing Director, COO and Transformation leader, with big Brands like GE, Lloyd's Bank and Aviva.

My dream is to start a contagious movement that uses ground breaking Integrative Social Technologies to drive the evolution of businesses towards higher levels of awareness and development. A courageous leap towards new paradigms that can cope with the rampant complexity and wicked challenges humanity is facing.

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Rishita Jones.
People and Learning Leader at Answer Inside.

I am an HR Activist. I am on a mission to create the Human Centered Enterprise which places the thriving of individuals at its center. 
My proposal is simple – nurture your people to grow your profit.  You reap what you sow! 

Machines can increase your productivity.  Processes can increase your efficiency.  But if you want quantum leaps, only people can give you that. Everything we consider valuable in life and in business begins and ends with people.

I majored in Psychology and Human resources. I am a Certified Practitioner in agile HR and agile leadership, and a strong proponent of Design Thinking.

For the past 15 years, I have worked in 4 countries for more than 10 companies; large and small, local and global; transforming and elevating the HR function through purposeful HR practices and conscious leadership.

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Varsham Bajnath.
Finance & Diagnostics Leader at Answer Inside

I have been working for over 20 years within the Financial Services Industry and Audit, improving Company financials, Products and the operational performance of companies. I helped them successfully innovate and increase their margin, profitability and growth.

I am a Strategic Advisor, Business Developer & all-round improvement Specialist. I have been working with big brands like General Electric and Deloitte and advised them, and their clients on Funding , Product profitability, Working Capital , Business- and Financial Control.

My dream is to bring compassion, grace and the creation of sustainable and trust-based relationships to the world, to fix community and business challenges and help the creation of new futures. With communities at its center. Communities where loyalty and trust are central, and where people co-create and help each other to grow and thrive.

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Joan Tjon En Fa.
Lead Health coach and TCM doctor (Associate at Answer Inside).

I am a Chinese doctor, TCM Practitioner, Acupuncturist and Herbalist. I am also:

- a Dru yoga/Qi Gong teacher and
- Shiatsu practitioner

I offer Health guidance during times of crisis and all pervasive change.
I have been practicing Chinese healing and Medicine modalities for over 17 yrs. During this period I have worked with thousands of patients, who have reached a point in Western medicine, that they couldn't’t be cured and started searching for answers in Chinese medicine.

It was possible for me to get them back to a balanced and healthier state of body and mind, with an Average of 5 to 10 sessions.

Since the pandemic hit, I joined the Team of Answer Inside to provide help where it is most needed: the Medium enterprise. My Goal is to help its leaders to stay healthy and balanced, emotionally and physically, and thereby have a positive impact on the lives of their employees, their business and the Economy.

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Rubianca Han Simmelsgaard.
Resilience Coach (Associate at Answer Inside).

I am an active high performer, observer, carer and love making people better.

Majored in International Business administration,
Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports and Medicine
Certified nutrition coach with the Precision Nutrition Institute and
Avid Master Cross-fitter.

I lived and worked in 3 countries, speak 6 languages and love working with people.

I worked for 10 years in the Corporate world and owned two businesses for another 10 years

As Personal and Resilience coach, I work with Executives and Entrepreneurs, to help them Improve their health, and develop mental and physical strength.

My dream is to help leaders better deal with their demanding life style and live balanced, healthy and happy.