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In the coming weeks, months and for sure up to the coming 1,5 year, we will be facing a post pandemic, a severe economic crisis, a new normal, trembling business models and shifting market spaces.

The main question for the leadership involved will be, what is it, that we need to do, to get our companies to survive and Thrive in our market space? In this short movie you’ll find inspiration to guide you towards the answer.

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Rules for Success: Make impact, make a difference!

Getting rich is not the goal of real success. Go beyond money and power, go make impact and change lives! Give rather than take! Serve rather than hold. Live every day like it is your last! Follow your heart and intuition, they know what you truly want to become!

Making things happen: Choose courage!

Making a difference needs courage. Saying yes in the face of the unknown. Life is opportunity, the world around you is opportunity. Keep your eyes open to see that. Work harder, make sacrifices, let your fear be the fire that feeds your progress. Know that you are worth more, than where you are now. Never lose sight of what you want. Welcome discomfort today, so that it become your advantage tomorrow! Follow your heart and intuition, they know what you truly want to become!

Authenticity: Embrace the real you!

Do you want to be liked, and trusted as a leader? Be authentic! Be who you really are! Every day, everywhere and with everybody! Authentic leaders are self-aware and genuine, they know why they are here, they lead from the heart and they make long term impact! They make a difference! Follow your heart and intuition, they know what you truly want to become!

Stress: Appreciate it, embrace it, and let it be your fuel!

Change is the new normal. Change causes stress; so stress is also a new normal. But stress is not all bad, and it can work for you. Research in neurology and psychology showed that you experience stress, when things matter. That it generates hormones (neuro steroids) that make your brain grow. That it always goes hand in hand with learning and growth and it happens when we want to pursue positive things, that matter. No stress, No meaning! So, accept it, embrace it, appreciate it and make it work for you. Follow your heart and intuition, they know what you truly want to become!

Confront your fears: The best things in life are on the other side of terror!

God placed all the best things in life on the other side of terror. The point of maximum danger, is the point of minimum fear. It is bliss! You want to achieve something, learn to confront your fears! Get excited about what you want to achieve, and don’t ever let fear ruin your life! Take the jump!

Dealing with a Crisis: Great things are coming...don’t give up!

Whatever you’re going through, however bad it may seem now, it will pass! And you will be better for it. However deep the hole, you can dig your way out. Remember a time in your life, a time you thought you’d never make it through, but you did. Remember that time, and allow it to give you strength. Put your hand on your heart and promise yourself; no matter what, I will get through this! I will be better because of this! Great things are coming....Keep fighting!

Finding your talent: Buckle down and ACT!

Ask yourself, who you want to become! Believe in you! And be prepared to pay the price to get there. Investigate, try, act, start…move towards your dreams! Buckle down, get out… and ACT!

Who you really are: You are the whole ocean in a drop!

You are not a puppet that life pushes around. Wake up! You are the whole ocean in a drop. Embrace your existence and your greatness. You are here for a reason. Go look for it!

Life Purpose: What would you like to do if money was no object?

Depression comes from not following our heart’s desire. You are here for a reason. You need to find out what it is, and go do it! And you will not only be successful, but also happy! Follow you heart and get in alignment with your “Raison d’être”!

Living in the now: You can't live at all, until you live fully in the now!

Don’t live (only) for tomorrow. Be present. Live in the now. Every day will be… just today….!

Live a life of your choosing: Get what you want in life!

Look at your life! If you are not getting what you want, you are most probably held back by habits, fears, opinions or limitations that were imposed on you by others in your past. What would your life look like, if you just followed your heart and chased your dreams?

State of coherence: A relaxer, happier and healthier you!

When we increase our connection with our heart and thereby with the greater energy within, we can calm our nervous system. Which increases our state of coherence (connection between heart and mind). This increases our sense of connection and we can reduce our fear. Which in turn is beneficial for our immune system. It does not matter how you do it; do yoga, walk-breathe, sky/sun gaze, pray, meditate, practice gratitude,…. But take the journey back to your heart for a relaxer, happier and healthier you!