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Fix, Reset and Accelerate your Business in 12 months

Towards a Future Proof Business & Maximum Profitability & Growth


Are your confronted with one or more of these
problems in the day-to-day management of
your business?

Fast-Track Your Business Growth with Answer Inside

Personalized Transition and Scaling support 
for Business Leaders, Founders and CEOs

At Answer Inside, we provide personalized support and mentoring for Business Leaders, Founders and CEOs to transition and scale their businesses fast and hassle-free.

We support you improve your mindset, build leadership capabilities and skills, develop Hero Armies for transforming and growing your business, and leverage advanced digitization to keep you ahead of the curve.

See the services we offer below ….and contact us today to learn more about how we can help you fast-track your business growth.



Stay Ahead of the Curve with Our Expert Talks
7 key topics for Business Leaders, Founders, CEOs and entire Management Teams. Discover the best fit for you…

Looking for expert insights and guidance to help you stay ahead of the curve?
Look no further than our Talks services. With a range of topics tailored to business leaders, founders and CEOs, as well as entire management teams, our Talks service offers something for everyone.

Choose from our 7 key topics:

  1. Trend Watching (Economy, Industry, and Advanced Digitization)
  2. SME Turnarounds, Transitions, and Scale-Ups
  3. Business Acceleration
  4. Executive Development
  5. Developing Your “Transformation-Hero-Army”
  6. Growth Mindset and Rapid Transformation
  7. Onboarding Businesses into the Metaverse

We will provide you with the latest insights and trends to help you succeed.

Check out our Speaker Sheet to learn more … and check out our Price Sheet for our pricing options.



Elevate Your Leadership &
 Unlock Your Business's Potential with Our Mentoring Service
for Business Leaders, founders, CEOs and entire management teams. Discover the best fit for you…

Our (Live or asynchronous) Mentoring services provide personalized guidance for Business Leaders, Founders, and CEOs. We offer :

  • Mindset mentoring: during times of pervasive change and crisis
  • Business mentoring: for transition, scaling, and the deployment of advanced technology
  • Support workshops:  for strategy, think-tanks, and problem solving.

Our Mentoring services are designed to help you and your business take the next leap, even when your team isn’t quite ready. With our personalized guidance and support, you can unlock your business’s full potential and achieve your goals.

Book a discovery call today to learn more…and check out our Price Sheet for our pricing options.



Build Your Skills and Grow Your Business with Our Academy Services

for Business Leaders, founders, CEOs and entire management teams. Discover the best fit for you…

Our Academy Services provides a range of courses designed for Founders, Business Leaders, their Management Teams, and Talent. Whether you want to sustainably turnaround, transition, or scale your business, or simply improve your leadership and operational skills, we have the courses you need.

Our Academy Services include:

  • Business Growth Series: Sustainable Turnaround, Transition, and Scaling
  • Building Transformation Hero Armies: Identify, develop, and train your young top talents to transform and grow your business.
  • Management Team Essentials: Leading through Times of All-Pervasive Change, Financial Management, Talent Scouting and Development, HR Transformation, Improving Operational Performance, Implementing Your Strategy, New Ways of Organizing in the Face of Increased Complexity.

Our courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to build a successful business.

Book a discovery call today to learn more…and check out our Price Sheet for our pricing options.



We offer 3 Business Accelerators.
Two for Business Leaders and CEOs, and one for entire management teams. Discover the best fit for you…

Transition Accelerator

12-Month programme

€850 per month

Scale-Up Accelerator

12-Month programme

€1000 per month

Management Team Accelerator

6 to 12-Month programme

from €2500 per month

What is included in the Accelerators

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My Mission with Answer Inside is to Support Business Owners Build A Profitable, Scalable and Thriving Business Against All Odds

Hey, I’m Madiha Mouchtak, founder and Managing Director of Answer Inside, an Amazon best-selling author, SME Transition and Scale-up Accelerator, and Rapid Transformational Therapist.

In the past 24 years, I’ve had the rare opportunity to work on extremely challenging business rescue, transformation, and scale-up projects and predictably create multi-million-dollar transformations.

I’ve advised and coached over 100 plus CEOs, Business Owners, and leaders across 14 industries, including billion-dollar asset companies, for exponential and sustainable profits and growth. This enabled them to make the jump to the next plateau of growth and start enjoying freedom, flexibility, a passionate sense of contribution, greater control, and certainty...

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Some of our Client's
Success Stories

Benelux Subsidiaries of an international company:

  • from $1.2milion in loss to $18 million in profit in 23 months.

Entity of a multinational bank:

  • from loss to + 35% profit margin in 12 months.

IT service provider in the Benelux: increased

  • Recurring profit margin by €19 million in 12 months.

Insurance and mortgages company: Increased sales

  • from 56 million to 100 million in 2 yrs.

Largest service provider of consumer loans in the Netherlands

  • Increased Sales + 200% In 24 months

Financial services company: Went from

  • 0 to 30 successful innovation projects in 12 months.

Credit service company: went

  • from losses to 35% ROI.

clients we work for

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