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The Sustainable Turnaround

Fix, Reset and Accelerate your business to thrive in 12 months

Welcome to the Giveaway page of the book The sustainable Turnaround. Fix, Reset and Accelerate your business to thrive in 12 months. On this page you will find the resources we referred to in the book and that will help you on:
  • your leadership development journey;and
  • the Turnaround of your business.

Leadership Development Resources

Discover your Talent and Signature using MBTI

You can take your MBTI assessment on the MBTI Online website. This is the Official MBTI personality assessment and is backed by 70 years of research. It will take fifteen to twenty minutes and cost you around $50 for a detailed report with your personality indicator to be sent to your email address.

Discover your Purpose

Do this 25 min. Sufi practice and take the journey back to your higher self and connect with your calling. This practice will bring you into deep contact with your existence, desires, hope, trust, love and vitality. It will help you access what you want and to connect with your inner core, where you will find your strength and peace. It will bring you also insights into the stuck emotions and beliefs that are holding you back and help you release them.
A simple and powerful way to find the inner strength of purpose that will make you resilient in every aspect of your life.

Improved Focus, Performance and Intuition with the Silva Ultra Mind

The active Silva Ultra Mind active meditation is the best scientifically proven method for mind empowerment on the planet. It uses brain language (kinaesthetic, visual and auditory thought processes) to help you reach a deeper state of relaxation of body and mind, centre yourself and learn to take control of your thought processes and the images you create in your head.
This determines what you say to yourself and thereby how you feel (mentally and physically), how you relate to the world and how you perform. You can boost your focus, performance, sense of calm and your intuition by using this method for just twenty-one minutes a day.
You will stop the overthinking that causes anxiety, improve your thoughts, health and mental faculties, and unleash your inner genius.

Business Turnaround and Growth Resources

Indicative Business Health & Growth Diagnosis

Take 10 minutes to answer 30 short (yes/no) questions and get instant insight into:
  • the health of your business; and
  • (2) what you need to Turn around to get it to grow and thrive.

You will get, directly upon completion, a free report with your scores and some guidance sent to your email box.
We will also include you in our “Preferred” guest list for our Grow Your business workshops.

The Fix, Reset and Accelerate business coaching programmes

We crafted fit for purpose business coaching programmes to facilitate business leaders and their teams who need support running their own Turnaround management programme, based on the model discussed in our Book.
With a team of seasoned business coaches we offer the support needed to make the turnaround a success.
You can find more information about these programmes on our website. (See info on Main page)

Turnaround DNA Programme

To support businesses in building their Hero Army (the top 15% talent of their company) in six months, we offer a Turnaround DNA Programme, combining online learning and live classes.
This academy focuses on providing the skills needed to run all aspects of a Turnaround programme. This programme is Included in Grow your business- In Company Intensive Mentoring Program.
You can find more information about these programmes on our website.(See info on Main page)