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Are you unconsciously hindering the growth of your business?

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1- This article

We are increasingly hearing about the 1% that is earning 99% of the income in the world. This phenomenon is becoming more visible now that we are experiencing a pandemic and an economic decline. It is fascinating to see how people are reacting to this; some are becoming bitter; others are working hard to get in this 1%; and others are bench sitting and watching the time pass by. I have been fascinated by this subject for decades. We are all born equal, what makes some people successful and others not, can we model that and could we be successful if we apply what we modelled.

The answer is a definite yes! There is a science behind this and I will share the outcomes of my research with you in this article. I believe that this is a necessary knowledge that will support entrepreneurs to thrive, especially now!

2- How the pandemic and recession are impacting our reality:

Ask people what they really want. They will tell you: “live happy, healthy, successful and wealthy. This holds for every human being; and me and you too. Right? For the majority of entrepreneurs happiness, health, success and wealth seem now at risk; We are amidst of a pandemic and an economic crisis which magnitude has been compared by the IMF to the Great depression of 1930 (the worst recession of the 20st century).

We are experiencing constrictions on our abilities to move, interact, meet others, do business, travel, celebrate and even pray. This is impacting our feeling of free movement, freedom, free choice, safety and we are constantly bombarded by negative headlines in Social Media, TV, newspapers and research. This is generating feelings of worry and fear.

We are seeing how this is impacting entrepreneurs and businesses in Europe. We are seeing a significant shrink in sectors; the declines for instance in the Netherlands are: the Catering Sector -40%Other business services -16%, Transport and Storage -14%, Health & Well being -6% and Trade -2%. 14% of businesses have liquidity problems and 35% expect to have them within 6 months from now. In the UK 600.000 businesses were at risk of collapse if the business support scheme would stop abruptly.

3- How do we get Results

Combining the theories of renown experts in the field of personal transformation and success, ranging from Alan Watts, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Marisa Peer, Dean Graziosi, we get a number of rules and formula’s

“We are all born geniuses”

“You have in you the power that created worlds”

“You become what you think about”;

“The mind can’t hold two contradictory emotions at the same time”

“It is 5% strategy and 95% mind set”;

“What you hold in your head, you hold in your hands”;
“Thoughts become things”;

“The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts”;

“Your outcomes (results) are a reflection of your mindset”

“When you fix the inside (thus your paradigms), the outside starts fixing itself”;

“We attract what we are”.

Reading this, you would start getting an idea of why 99% are not doing so well and 1% are; and why a good strategy and the incessant hard work are not enough for growing a business.  There is thus a formula to success. The best way to model it, is by using a simplified view used by Bob Proctor and adding to it elements from the others experts.

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Let’s read what this model says:

  • We are constantly getting input through our senses from the world around us (Social Media, TV, newspapers, Opinions, chatter of the masses), and – if we are aware enough- from our intuition and the voice inside.
  • This input gets in our conscious mind (or thinking). Again, if we are aware enough, we will select what to accept and what to discard. What we accept will generate thoughts.
  • These thoughts (and goals) will need to go first through the filter of our Subconscious mind (the seat of our beliefs and paradigms), before we put them into action. If we are not aware and did not do our inner work, our paradigms will be based on old programming mainly from our early years. Our subconscious will accept what is familiar are refuse what is unfamiliar, by using the Terror barrier, our subconscious will keep us in the comfort zone and prevent us from changing.
  • What remains from the Thoughts and goals we had, after the filtering by the active paradigms, will get into our body, will be turned into emotions and vibrations that we put out in the world.
  • A combination of our emotions and vibrations and actions will lead to a response from the outside world and to results.

Studies of successful people show that they have a highly developed awareness, they choose which thoughts they accept, they worked and work on changing their paradigms and they are aware of the feelings and vibrations they put out in the world. Because of this awareness and intentionality, they get the right results.

I have been applying these learning incrementally during my working life and I am absolutely a great believer that: “When you fix the inside (active paradigms), the outside starts fixing its self” and that it is “5% Strategy and 95% mindset”. This is a key element in my Business Coaching Practice, as it is a Game Changer. This is where the impact is made; in the core; the mind and paradigms. The feedback from clients confirms this:

“The combination of modalities that Madiha used to work with me has literally changed my personal and business life. Within days from starting these works, I started to become more positive towards life and business. Sales began to increase….” S. Kanani, Serial Entrepreneur, Europe and Africa


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4. You are always one step away from a better life!

“That dark place that you fear (your paradigms), holds the treasure you seek”! Dare to put the light on your active paradigms and move to a better, happier, healthier, more successful and abundant you! And if you need help, reach out. My team and I will support you gladly!


To Your succes!


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